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Effective executive office design

Creating an executive office requires careful considerations and meticulous planning. A new office concept has emerged in modern interior design with the aim of improving workspaces to meet the demands of today’s leaders. Private offices must offer the top management a space that prioritises appearance and productivity in equal measure. A premium look doesn’t serve the purpose unless the space is designed for efficiency based on the user’s needs.
The modern-day private office must support the work style and daily habits of managers. It is supposed to make a solid impression on work colleagues, supplier partners and important customers. Merging the attributes of practicality, branding, and welcoming nature to the space would be the ideal solution. The approach is slightly different than other parts of the workplace to ensure that manager’s work environments are productive, efficient, and optimised for success.
Executive office spaces are designed to accommodate managerial needs and are used to analyse, organise and manage the actions of the company. It should be a combination of style and ergonomics so that the office is the optimum base for negotiations and the important exchange of ideas.
Strategic Location
Location and atmosphere can colour a message and change behaviour. Think about the difference between speaking with someone at a bar versus having a conversation in the park. Mood, tone, body language and energy shift. Research also shows that natural light can help increase productivity and reduce stress, which is an important factor for managers who need to keep a level head during stressful times to ensure issues don’t directly affect employees.
If the office is far away from the rest of the team, then managers might find themselves out of the loop in the office routine. On the other hand, executive offices right in the middle of a big, collaborative workspace might not be a good idea. Hence, it’s important to select a strategic location that would be accessible, yet slightly set apart from the hustle and bustle of the main work hub.
Personalised Functionality
Executive spaces get the luxury of personalisation and the opportunities are limitless, but functionality should always come first. An executive office is usually more than an individual working space. It also has various functions such as a space for company meetings with table with chairs, a comfortable sitting area with lounge chairs or sofas, and a storage space for important documents or to display company awards and mementos.
Ergonomic Furniture
It doesn’t matter if the office is mahogany-lined or modern minimalist, the boss’s office can be an intimidating place. As you bring people into the space, think about the messages it sends to your guests. The office should echo the brand’s core values and embody everything the company stands for. Celebrate the company’s culture with a unique design and décor. First off, a large desk and ergonomic chair is the heart and soul of the executive office.
It’s also important to create a harmonious look and feel of the space which matches the entire office, which means finding a suitable elegant wood finish for the working spaces including the desk, storage and table, together with a plush sofa in a material which creates exclusivity in the executive office. The furniture must adapt to the different dynamics and uses required, both in the present and the future.
Anson executive desking
Ideal for any manager’s office, the Anson range from Dams is a new, premium executive desking range that reflects a leader’s demand for an elevated aesthetic. The subtle, angled desktop provides plenty of work space, complemented with panel end legs and a modesty panel that combine perfectly to create a space with a beautiful aesthetic to suit the rooms of managers who want to furnish their office with prestige and sophistication.
The credenza-style return and mobile pedestal offer all important storage space in the same Barcelona Walnut finish, with a selection of tables also available from Dams in a matching finish to create a more executive feel and keep the executive office colour scheme consistent. Anson’s versatile aesthetics and specially designed storage components allow managers to design environments that connect with visitors and accommodate different job functions, work styles, and personal preferences.
Leave a lasting impression
A great looking private office is practically ineffective if it does not enable executives to get the work done. It should support you in extensive ways, no matter where you work or how you work. It is important to blend prime functionality with visual appeal. An executive office should speak volumes about the business and reflects the executive’s personality.
The furniture offering should stand out and be beautifully co-ordinated to offer a versatile whole room solution, bringing a timeless appeal to the executive space. As the boss your office isn’t just an extension of you – it’s an extension of the company. A message is sent and received the moment someone walks in. Take a good look and see if it supports your intentions, is aligned with your core values, and sets the tone you want for your visitors.